Have to make the final decision...please help

Which one would you prefer? Please also comment.

  • LG 32 LX-2R

    Votes: 6 18.2%
  • Panasonic TX32-LX500(F)

    Votes: 12 36.4%
  • Hitachi 32LD7200

    Votes: 8 24.2%
  • Loewe Xelos A32

    Votes: 7 21.2%

  • Total voters


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I have to make a decision...

32" LCD


- LG 32 LX-2R, around €1550
- Panasonic TX-32 LX500F €2200 (same as the 500D you know, but without digital)
- Hitachi 32LD7200 €2000 (but I'm worried bout the buzzing)
- Loewe Xelos A32 €2400 (actually a tad too expensive)

Main views will be:
- SD analog feed
- SD digital feed through scart RGB
- Xbox through 720p, used as xvid/dvd-player through Component
- in the near future, Samsung 950 DVD through HDMI
- every once in a while a PC, through DVI or VGA

I've seen a HD feed on the LG (through Scart RGB), it was stunning, but it was a very bright picture (swimming pool scenes), will go back to the store to check the analog feed. Saw the loewe with an analog feed, was very good for an analog feed. Saw the hitachi with a 32-times split analog feed, was good, but too sharp which introduced a bit of noise, can probably be arranged through some settings... Didn't see the panasonic at all, solely based on what people say here (can't find a store here in Belgium which has it on display).



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None of the above save yourself some serious money and get the multi award winning Samsung - price doesn't sem to equal quality as far as LCD's goes i'm afraid.


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Between the Loewe and the Panny LX52 for me - LX52 is €600 cheaper.....

Heart says Loewe, head says Panny !

Wife says "stop meessing around and order it!"

Phil from 62

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I have the loewe...its excellent, espeacially on Sport (with a decent reception that is...like BBC1, Sky Sports etc). I'm watching mine through Digital Cable as well as the inbuilt Digital receiver.
I use an ARCAM DV88 DVD and the picture is out of this world.
I can't sing the praises enough of this TV.
The sound quality from this TV is probably where it out shines eveything else...I havn't heard anything to match it...with the exception of maybe another Loewe.


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Loewe's "sister set" the concept 32 has won the What HiFi 32" LCD Supertest - narrowly beating the Panasonic.

I've decided - Loewe for me !

There is an upgraded A32 out soon "A32 Freeview" that is fully compatible with UK digital text - older versions of the set were not I believe.

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