Have Panny 42PWD8 - What's best way of getting HD?


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Hi there, this forum was incredibly helpful a little while ago when I bought my original setup so I was hoping some kind people might offer me some advice as to what would be my options with regards to moving to HD.

I've currently got a Panasonic 42PWD8 Panel. The only feed into this is from an Onkyo SR503E, via a Van Damme 3RCA to VGA cable. Into the Onkyo, I have Sky+, via a JS Tech RGB to Component (YUV) converter. I also have a Panasonic E500 hard-drive DVD and a Wii, both connected via component.

What are my best options in going HD. Specifically, I quite fancy Sky HD and also maybe a PS3, giving my Blu-Ray, but I don't think my current install would allow me to see any real benefits. What would be my best options? I am quite happy to consider replacement of components, if need be. I quite fancy a 50" screen now, for example, so this project could give me the opportunity to do that. I'd also be interested to hear if there were any 'quick wins' I could achieve with little or no change to what I have got. So happy to consider all options from 'tweaks' offering some benefit to replacements offering all the bells and whistle.

Thanks for any help you are able to offer.

As a side note, I have a Mordaunt Avant Premier Plus 5.1 speaker package, and in combination with the Onkyo, the sound quality is awesome - things like War of the Worlds sound incredible. In fact, I've been really impressed by the picture quality on the panel too but am just getting itchy feet and fancy making some changes. You know how it is.


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Both the PS3 and the Sky HD boxes have Component outputs that can be used. If you are feeding your panel via the VGA input then all you need to do is remove your JS Tech, take the Sky HD box to your Onkyo via component and the same with the PS3.

Personally before you go paying a fortune for a new screen I would go that route...indeed I already have and frankly I think that HD looks marvellous on the PWD8.....if you don't think so... no harm done, you've said you are ok to buy a new screen but if you take it in stages and don't start with the screen I don't think you will be dissapointed.


Some folks have been using HD via component on their panny SD screens for years, it's good, in fact it's very good. You can indeed just plug in the new toys and away you go. That gives you a breathing space, and time to save up for the full monty, with a HD panel, and eventually a HDMI switching amp.


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Great, thanks for the help! I will get onto the good people at Sky in the morning re HD!

When you say HDMI switching amp, do you basically mean one with enough HDMI inputs so that I can go HDMI from the Sky HD / PS3 to the amp, etc? I take it when I get round to upgrading the screen that I would also go HDMI from the amp to the screen?

Am really pleased to hear that I can change some components and see some benefit without having to go the whole hog. Especially as the panel is the big ticket item.


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PS3 and skyhd look awesome via component on my pwd8 - a lot nicer imo than my bro's samsund hd96q whatever!

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