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have now tried relisys and technovision from woolies


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hi all swopped my relisys 32"lcd to technosonic .

first up the techsonic (silver) still came with 13amp fuse,made in china but differant serial number to those affected.

the techno is considerable wider than relisys by some 200mm 8"

on the techno the sockets scarts/etc face downwards under a recessed panel rather akward to access if adding say a pc ,whilst sitting on a shelf table/stand, (sockets are on right hand side on relisys)

have tried both relisys and techno with bog standard scarts, rgb vs comonent for dvd replay freeview box, humax sattelite reciever, sky pace digibox. tatung dvd recorder.

with sky did not find much differance between the two tvs.

dvds i had recorded. using rgb scart on relisys loss of defernition on replay, better using component and prog scan, trying the same on techno not much differance using rgb vs component. also got a slight shimmering effect on playback (my recorded dvds)

using u571/the haunting/lotr still found prog scan not giving a big differance over scart with techno, bigger differance on relisys.

with text ,techno has less shimering,

freeview with techno seem to get better picture with cvbs output than rgb ???

settings relisys has options to adjust red/green blue magenta etc/not sure with techno, menu on techno is small full screen on relisys.

humax sat box here is where i find both techno and relisys to be a bit dissapointing, i get a good picture with my toshiba 28" tv crt less so with these 32" screens.

sound think relisys is slightly better normal viewing news etc.

pc (medion) with reisys fairly good as moniter, played nemo on dvd quit good,not tried with techno.

overall i think the techno might just have a slightly better picture, with peoples eyes the relisys looked as though a torch was being shone on them.

ps relisys has a subwoofer output.

to sum all this up i think my toshiba still has a better picture than technosonic and relisys but of course has not got any of the latest facilities.

thank you

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