Have I ruined my Huawei B525


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Hi guys, hope you can help.
I've had a B525 with a SMARTY sim card for a while now and everything was working well. I was getting download speeds of 40/50MBs and able to make calls thru the RJ11 port.
Just recently, I bought a smart TV and decided to change the network configuration in my house and bought a 10/100MBPs network switch to manage all the ins and outs, which included HDMI over IP.
Since then, even though Speedtest says my download speed is 50 and even sometimes 60MBPs, downloads on SOME sites are slow, others normal and one in particular doesn't download AT ALL (Dropbox.com) - on both wired and wireless and on a Windows 10 and Windows 7 devices.
This is all very perplexing and I have tried different combinations, reset the modem to factory settings and even removed all the RJ45s so it only worked on WLAN, but it's still doing it.
I put the SMARTY sim card in an old Android phone and used it as a Mobile hotspot and things are much faster as usual (admittedly not tried dropbox on it yet) -
but the question is......have I ruined my B525?
Possibly the high rate of traffic going thru the network switch because of the HDMI over IP?
A faulty network switch?
It's really frustrating, random and counter-intuitive!
(Connecting the PCs thru my vodafone mobile hotspot is no problem either)
Thanks all

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