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Feb 25, 2009
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Ok, so I've nearly finished putting in all the wiring for our new house, this is what I've put in:

To all TV points,except main tv point in lounge, 4 x Cat6, 1 coax

Lounge (main viewing room :thumbsup:)
To TV, 4 x Cat6, 1 x coax, 2 high speed HDMI, 4 power points behind
Projector screen, 3 core cable and power spur
projector, 3 core cable, 4 x Cat6 and 1 x high speed HDMI
Speaker wiring for 7 in ceiling speakers, all with 3 core cable (for use as trigger if I get drop down ones;) )
At the rear of the room, 2 subwoofer cables in each corner, so I can choose either side...located next to power points

On the audio side of the rest of the house, I've used 16/4 speaker cable and run one cable around to each speaker location (not one cable to each, but the same cable going to each position) for every room, each cable then goes back to the relevant location of the sonos box. I've hard wired every location of the sonos boxes with 2 x Cat6

In the master bedroom, I've also put in a QED speaker selection switch so we can turn the speaker off in either the bedroom or ensuite.

I've put in 8 x WF125 cables from av cupboard to garage for sky etc (this is where dish will be sited)

While I was on a mission, I've put in a sub fuse board in the garden for power....not quite AV related, but it could be used for wireless sound provision in the future!

I think thats it, so what have I missed? !!

Thanks for everyones help

Trigger wire for projector screen to drop down automatically when you switch projector on...
But is the trigger wire from screen to pj?

Do you not need 2 core for trigger too?


Good point, I've put trigger wire from projector to av cupboard and from projector screen to av cupboard...so to be covered, I'll run another from Projector to screen. I used 3 core as that is what I had lying around! I'll just use 2 of the cores....

I had assumed I could link all the triggers for the projector lift, projector and the screen... but I'll still put in the extra cable just in case....

Thinking out loud, would the trigger from the projector trigger both the lift and the screen?



This is something like what you need to do. Obviously it will change if you have a projector lift. On my setup I dont need the 12v supply as it comes from the projector.

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