Have I got lucky or am I missing something?



Have I got lucky or am I missing something?

Hi all,
This is my first post- Great forum, lots of information and excellent advice.

With a new home under construction I have earmarked a 15 by 12 foot room for a HC.
I intend to have cables etc., installed at the appropriate time also this room is southfacing
so I expect to have some light control issues. In anticipation I decided to buy a projector and screen
last Dec. I demo’d various PJ’s and shortlisted a Toshiba MT100 and Sanyo Z2. My
preference was to go DLP. At this point rainbows were not something I expected to see
from a projected image. I intended to stay with entry level, but read some excellent reviews
on Sim2 D20 and Infocus 5700, neither of these pj’s could be demo’d at the time by my
stockists. I was offered a demo of the Toshiba MT500 using a HK player via s-video.
I immediately saw the difference in pq. and was greatly impressed by the image[no rb’s ]
despite less than ideal viewing conditions. Having checked a review on Projectorcentral.com
I went for the MT 500 with a saving of almost 2.5K Euro against the D20(I am aware of the
Differance in typical lamplife)

I teamed it with my Sony 725 using s-video onto a 7ft Draper screen in appropiate viewing conditions
(near darkness). I was astounded by the image ( with factory defaults). I then invested in good quality
component leads resulting in further improvements (brightness, clarity, colour.) after minor tweaking.

My next step was to invest in a progressive scan player (Marantz 4300). I must admit given my
Exprience thus far I was a little disseappointed as there was no discernable improvement in P.Q.
I thought I had reached the end of my HC voage of discovery! I must have played LOTR( The Fellowship and Towers ) referance chapters most evenings for a fortnight, looking for a reason
To justify my expence on the Marantz. Is this normal HC novice behavior or do I need counselling? LOL!

I am now at the stage where I want to exploit the DVI Input on the MT 500 and have decided on
The Yamakawa 365 using a Lindy cable having considered the Forums experience with inexpensive
DVI capable players.

My questions for you HC Gurus are:

I don’t wish to stockpile DVD players but am I correct in saying that I should expect an improvement
In PQ using Yamakawa DVI over Marantz prog scan. To my knowledge the MT500 can output 720p
and 1080i.

Is the MT500 a great buy in the image for cash stakes?or has convert fire clouded my judgement.
Are there any MT500 users out there and if so what player are they using?

Should I budget for a D20H and HDMI player and change at the house move time or use the MT500
With Yamakama DVI and wait for the Sim2 3-chips to become more affordable ( if ever) to upgrade?
Will this require a new throw distance and should I make provision at install for extra cable length etc.?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any comments, suggestions greatfully received,



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Hi Sid,

Welcome to the forums................;)

I can't comment on the choice of dvd player for your projector, buit you seem to have made a good choice in the projector in any case. If you're looking to see whether a sigal by DVI will give you extra benefits, I'd suggest you try the pc route - I run one with an AE100 and have used it on Kramer's HS10 and another member's (Vexorg) HT1000 - there isn't a better solution for ultimate picture quality imo. I appreciate that the convenience factor is an issue for some, but it can be very straightforward when set up.

I'm in Dublin if you want to PM for a chat.

Sean G.


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The best way of seeing the difference in PQ that progressive scan MAY make to your setup, is to look closely at the scrolling end titles of a movie. Watch for shimmering especially of horizontal strokes in the letters - with PS on, and with it off. If you see a difference then your justification is right there. Bear in mind that the same effect will occur elsewhere in films, but is at its most obvious/visible on titles.


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The Toshiba MT500 has an excellent onboard deinterlacer (Silicon Image) so that you're not seeing a big difference isn't all that surprising.


Thanks for replies,
Sean G.--- apparently the mt500 has a native res. of 1024x768 with 192 lines deactivated. If you feed it a computer xga signal it will compress it to 576 lines. Will this negate the pc option.?


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You should be able to feed it 1024x576..................... well worth a try.


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