have i got a problem with my tosh lcd?


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when im playing the 360 and i press xbox menu button the screen flashes green some times and when im playing fifa online the screen some times a black line flashes across the screen whats the prblem? idont know help please? cheers


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This has never happend to me but it doesn't mean you have a problem with your tv. You should first test this with different settings eg 1080i , 720p, etc.

Also try using a different cable (vga) and make sure that they are firmly inplace (lose cabling caused me no end of headaches for ages).

Hope this helps a bit. :smashin:


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I only see that green line when i try and change from 720p to 1080i maybe your xbox is switching from one to another each time you push menu button.

Cant remember off the top of my head but if there's an auto select for screen output on the xbox 360 but turn it off if there is and just select either the 720p or 1080i.

Also what Toshiba TV you got?


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