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    Hi All,

    Due to my old Sony 29in crt blowing up on the 23rd Dec last year, I was forced to rush out xmas eve and by a nice new 40in LCD. After much reading of 'What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision' I went straight to the Sony centre in Cardiff in search of the KDL-40X3500 which won the supertest of LCD screens in the issue I read. The wishlist I had in mind regarding spec was that it must be 40in, full HD 1080p and 24 fps which was what the KDL-40X3500 had and much more. After walking into the store and seeing a price tag of £2250 and after bartering with the assistant he said I could take it away today for £1800, this still was about £300 over my max spend.

    He then showed me a similar looking set at the front of the store priced at £1099 which was a KDL-40V2900. The sticker on the side said it was full HD 1080p and the assistant told me that although the set was a 'V' series, it had a 'W' spec which he lead me to believe was an advantage. Anyway, I managed to knock him down to £1000 and took the set away the same day. I also bought a ps3 a couple of days later with a Ixos HDMI cable to play some blu-ray films & games on it and hopefully see the tv at its best.

    After two weeks of watching freeview, playing ps3 & watching blu-ray films Im left feeling a little deflated. First of all the black is not a patch on my old crt and is quite blotchy on freeview (tvonics pvr through QED performance scart) as is the colour a little washed out. Blu-ray is alot better on the picture but again the blacks let the set down and on 'Casino Royale' it seems a little grainy. Ps3 gives the best results and I honestly cant fault it except for the fact that on 'Call of Duty 4' on start up the tv's indicator in top left of the screen says 1080p and then when i get to the main menu of the game it drops back to 720? Am I still playing the game through 1080p?

    Can anyone help me out with regard to the spec on my new set and tell me if it has 24 fps, which bravia engine is powering the set, is it 50Hz and if my concerns are normal for a crt to lcd convert. Im thinking of taking it back before my 30 days are up or am I overreacting and there is not much else out there in the £1000 bracket that would beat the set I currently have.

    As a side issue, a chap at work owns a toshiba 1080p 100hz and regularly boasts of a perfect picture with no blur but he has got Sky HD compared to my freeview.

    Please help!


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