Have i chosen the right cans and do i need an amp...


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Ok, have managed to secure myself a "man-room", it has a 50" plasma, xbox 360 and PS3 (and ps1:smashin:), no amp so just TV speakers, i have a full surround kit for the living room so wont be going down the route for my "man-room" so a pair of headphones is on for gaming, music and movies...

Have done loads and loads of reading over the last few days and have narrowed it down to 3 pairs of cans...

Senn HD 598's
Sennheiser HD 598 High-End Open Circumaural Headphones: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

REALLY like the look of these!!


Denon AHD1100



appreciate the denons are much cheaper but the sound is supposed to be amazing although they do look a bit cheap!!

Music wise (and sound in general), i like bass and i like it to sound crisp, i listen to a lot of house music but also loads of soul/motown with some rock and other stuff for good measure.

So if i go for the senny's, do i need a headphone amp to go with it and what kind of thing should i be looking at, the sound will be using the headphone port of my TV and i'm about 3-4mtrs away....???

thanks in advance :thumbsup:
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just to update this, after reading reviews various ive all but decided on the AKG 702's.

Now all i need to know is will i need an amp and will the FiiO E5 work nicely??



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No. Worst choice of the 3 for running without an amp. They need a good one. A decent desktop, at least $300 worth. Not portables. Like any quality phones, they also need a decent source from which to amp, unless you want to hear how poor your source is. Head out on a TV will be complete arse.

These are not plug n play phones, they need quality through the chain. Go the 598. They still need a good source. TV isn't.


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can you reccomend an amp, googling headphone amps is mixture of results...:confused:


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I'd go for the Senn's for a more balanced sound or the Denon for the mid-bass bias

The K702 imo is so neutral it is boring. You would need to colour the sound and/or use EQ settings to bring the 'fun' out


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ha, thanks guys, already ordered them by the time i saw your message. still, they arrive today so we'll see what i think later on tonight.... :D


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just to update on this, am sending the AKG's back, after a few days use there is just ZERO bass on them at all, the sound is a bit to clinical for my liking, am going to order the sennys i think.;)
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