Have I been unlucky with my Phillips 42PF9952 Plasma


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I bought the above in March 2000, and all went well for 18 months

In January this year the set failed and new capacitors were fitted

It failed again in April and again it was put down to capacitors and new uprated/improved ones were fitted.

It has now failed again for the third time in 6 months and this time it's the BIG one, the display which the repairer is quoting £2357.12

Now the good news is my dealer offered a free 5 year extended warranty so it's no cost to me, but I, tongue in cheek suggested to the dealer it might be better to give me a new set rather than fork out for this repair, and maybe several more over the next 3 years. Guess what? He said OK

Now my 3 questions

1. Is there a reliability problem with Plasma's
2. Are Phillips better or worse than others?
3. Because I need a "complete TV" with tuner, speakers, and the ability to hang on a wall, I'm thinking of going for the Pioneer PDP-433HE, any thoughts ?

Any help gratefully received

the good news is my dealer offered a free 5 year extended warranty

Bet you cant get the same warranty again, I,m trying all avenues for a reasonable warranty, and they all seem to shy off ????????

are the insurance companys trying to tell us something

and as for your Pioneer 43" I dont think you will go very far wrong with it, its very easy to use.

and at the moment is my no.1 choice but as I said. the warranty issue is kinda bugging me, got one quote of £1700 for 3 years


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I'll let you know how I get on.

Their thinking at the moment is to fire the TV back to Phillips and suggest to them if they want them to continue selling Phillips products they'd better do something about it.

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