Have anyone used these guys?


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They just popped up in December, and have no feedback or recommendations that I know of. do you want to be one of the first to test if they are genuine?
When buying a costly item, always purchase from a well known and reputable retailer - even if it means costing a little more.
Remember, its not just about the initial cost - its also about the aftercare, customer support, and whether they will supply you with a full UK model which will be covered under warranty. Companies such as the one you linked to above, tend to reduce prices by obtaining and selling grey imports - items imported from abroad - which can be cheaper then actual UK stock. However this also tends to mean the warranty wont be honoured since its not a UK model.
Thanks guys, I think I'll look elsewhere!



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The type numbers on their TV's dont correspond to usual UK models and anyway arent particularly cheap.
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