Have any Disney blurays gone into moratorium yet?


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I never got around to collecting the Disney animated classics on DVD (by the time I decided to do so, too many of my favourites had already gone out OOP), but I'm thinking of doing so on Blu-ray.

My question is, have any of the Disney blu-rays already gone OOP? If not, are any likely to do so in the next couple of months?

Thanks for any help! :smashin:


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Sleeping beauty went into the vault in January, but I think amazon may have some copies left. Next to go are snow White and pinocchio, early in 2011 ;)


The Sleeping Beauty 3 disc set was deleted last year when Disney decided that rather than replace all the faulty dvd's (no widescreen switching) they would simply delete the one with the dvd included and replace it with a version that has no dvd so thats why its the only Disney classic to be available on Bluray with no dvd .

I was rather hoping all these titles would get deleted much quicker.

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Does anyone know if 'Princess & the Frog" counts as one which will be deleted and put into the Vault?


It is .
But it seems to be a very slow process on Bluray compared to the days of VHS


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I doubt that Princess ATF will go into the vault, judging by how they used to release the DVD's. They have about 15 titles that they release on rotation, but I don't think PATF has quite the same status as Lion King, Bambi, et al. Also, when they've been releasing the classic, they all say "For a limited time only" and they've never said that for PATF.

I wouldn't be surprised though if in 2016 when everyone's forgotten about Princess they might just delete it for a couple of years and then do a big 10th anniversary release or something. They put the Toy Story's in the vault for some of 2009-10 to prepare for their Blu-ray debut

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