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steve k

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Do you realy need audio dely? The reason for asking is that i'v read on some of these forums that some of the top av amps do not have it.

Am looking to buy a av amp and having trouble making my mind up. I'v got it down to two makes

Denon :- AVC- A1SR, AVC-A11SR

Pioneer:- VSA - AX10, VSX-D2011

Got to get some speaker also liked the B & W CDM NT (have been told that these speakers are not discounted anywhere, unless you know other wise) have been offered some secondhand mint CDMS NT for £300.

The front CDM9 work out at £1800
CDM7 " " £1250

The center CDMC is £400

Was told to go for the Kef Reference 202c( Have not found a price for this speaker yet!!!!!!!! some help please ) rather than the B & W CDM Center.

Would the lower spec amps be ok with the speakers.

Don't know if any of these setups are to over the top for my room size which is 12' ft wide x 15'ft long into the bay window.

Sorry if it reads as though i'm goin on abit but its a mine field out there when it comes to Home Cinema and just want the best for my well earned buck its just when you are spending a few grand on a system need to get it right. ;)
Any ideas welcome


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Steve K.

From what I can figure it seems Lip Sync is more of an issue with Plasma's due to the way they reproduce the image.

DVD's tend to be OK - although most people have something to say about Sky's transmissions...

The new Denon 3803 will have Audio delay, the Pioneer VSX2011 doesn't which is a pain - cause I wanted this amp. Nor does the VSA-AX10 or the Denon A11SR.


steve k

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Makes no dif to me then as i have a tosh 36zp18 T.V

Thanks for the reply anymore replys welcome


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As for speakers ...

I believe the KEF Reference range are a lot more expensive compared with the CDM's but not sure exactly. Also it's usually advised to have the same make of speaker across all front channels so that they all sound the same.

You can usually negotiate a reduction on the price of B&W speakers, but B&W do frown on companies advertising lower prices than their RRP and don't like them being sold online. Not sure where you are ... but Leicester HiFi will give 10% discount without any hastle.

As well as the CDM range ... try also listening to the 600 series. I know these are a lot lower end than the CDM's, but I know that very much these are the speakers designed by the engineers within a budget and cabinets, etc were allowed to be the optimum size for sound ... rather than having to fit to a specific size for best sales. I was advised once that the only worthwhile upgrade for my 600 Series 2s would be Signature 805s and that CM and CDM ranges weren't worth the extra.

You'd then be looking at 604s3 fronts, 602s3 rears plus stands or 603s3 with a LCR600 for the front centre. If you have time to listen, I've also heard good things about using 5 (or 7) LCR60 or 600's - one for each of the required channels. Then of course look at a sub woofer.


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