Have a long color stripe at bottom and right side only when using YouTube on console


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The tv is LG oled c8 from 2018.

When i watch YouTube on my ps5 it show a blinking colorfull thin stripe down on the bottom on the screen, and also on right side. This two stripes blink and is just as long as the hole side and bottom.

This happen only when i watch YouTube on the console, i tried to use another console just to see if it’s the console or tv.
It is just the same with a different console so the issue is not on the console.

What could this issue be?
If i Play games or watch another tv service like Netflix it’s not a issue on console, strange it’s only YouTube that have it, if it was something with the hdmi port on the tv it should been there on all type of video apps?

Thanks for answers.


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Here is a pics of it, click on it to see the issue at bottom.

It appear on most YouTube videos but Harder to spot on some of them.


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If the issue is only on the PS5, wouldn't it then make sense to use the TV's Youtube app and cast to the TV from your phone?


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Are there any PS5 calibration settings that allow you to enlarge and move the screen around?


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Yes i now tried to enlarge the screen to fully out in the edges, it removed the stripe at bottom but the one on right side still remain. So if it only was possible to move it one step more the issue would been solved. Is it any settings in the LG tv menu to move it more?

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