Have a Kuro for main viewing, which TV for bedroom?


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I know I'm probably covering old ground, but since the world constantly changes I'm going to risk asking this here.

Last time I bought a TV, plasma reigned supreme in terms of image quality, the Pioneer 5090 handily beating everything else I saw. I'm now looking for a TV for the bedroom, the budget will be a bit tighter (£400-£600 max I'd say) and I need some updated info. Is plasma still the first choice for image quality or have things moved on?

I've seen some Samsung LEDs look eye-catching on the shop floor, but I know that this can be misleading. Besides, many of those that I've seen are 3D enabled, and I've no interest in that for now.

Any particular recommendations at the 37" - 42" end of things? Image quality more important than bells and whistles.


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42ST30 is £550 with 3D or the S30 for £450

Reviews of both series in review section - plasmas, I'd stick with the tech


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Cheers vickster, I appreciate the response.

As it turns out I got a first glimpse of an 800 series Samsung last night. Now, with the caveat that it was only out of the box and maybe the motion settings were screwed up, I thought it looked absolutely horrible. I know it was never within my budget, but if this is the flagship I think you're spot on with your "stick with the tech" advice.

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