Haute Tension


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I've seen a few threads talking about this film and from what I can gather the two versions that are available are a Korean cut version with English subs and a French uncut version with no subs.

Does anyone know if there is a plan for a happy medium, i.e. an unut version with English subs. The offical website isn't much help as bonjour and few numbers are about my limit.


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No it doesn't seem like there will be an official full uncut English sub'd version for a while (unless a DVD-R pops up). I believe it's coming to the UK cinema in October now so don't expect to see a release until early next year on DVD.

By all accounts though, the French release is perfectly watchable as the film is pretty self explanatory. I haven't seen it yet though so cannot verify this.


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I've got the Korean dvd up for sale (see the for sale forum) - its a superb film and you do need the subs to follow the story as it does have a nice twist near the end. Also have a bootleg(with eng subs :smashin: ) of the complete uncut version and yes the korean release is missing about 1min of gore most of the killings have been shorted down.
The good news is its been passed uncut by the BBFC so is coming out over here soon - will have a cinema release first so dont expect the dvd till end of the year. Also the R1 release should be uncut aswell as its been given a NC 17 rating for its cinema release and lions gate have refused to cut it for a R rating. The R1 dvd will again be later in the year.


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A quick search on IMDB (should of done that first really) shows a UK release date of 22nd April at the Dead by Dawn Edinburgh Horror Film Festival, so as you both say, shouldn't expect a DVD release for a while.

The good news is its been passed uncut by the BBFC
I wonder if it was cut prior to passing it to the BBFC.

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