Hauppuage Nova T500 faulty ?


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I'm using this to pickup Freeview on my PC. First problem is that it can't pickup ITV and some other channels, but i assume thats due to the signal and my less than great ariel.

Second problem is more serious. After a few minutes of watching any channel the video becomes to more and more stuttery, and the audio breaks up too.

Can anyone shed any light on this ? I bought it from PCworld about 2 weeks ago, should i just take it back ?

Cheers !


I assume that you're using the supplied Hauppauge WinTV software and that you have a dual core AMD processor? My answers below are based upon these assumptions.

The first problem is caused by a stream change, and has been fixed in their v4.1 software which they'll release next week.

The second problem means that you need to install either the AMD K8 dual core driver OR the AMD Dual Core Optimizer from www.amd.com.


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I'm using Windows Media Centre on Vista x64, but the problems are the same using Wintv.

I'm using a Intel Core Duo, not a AMD chip, is there some drive i need to use for that ?


Download this and save it to your desktop:

Run it, press 1 to select the Path 0 device. Then press 1 again and wait. When it's finished, type 10 and press enter to close. Run it again, and this time press 2 to select the Path 1 device. Press 1 and wait again.

When this is finished you will have a file called ScanChannelsBDA.log which includes the signal quality readings for every frequency. Put it into a zip file and use the Manage Attachments under Attach Files when creating a forum post. I'll have a look at it.


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OK, sorry for the delay, i've been away with work.

Here is the file zipped up.


  • ScanChannelsBDA.zip
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I'd say that your signal is just too poor. The summary table at the end of scan confirms this:

Tuner 1
Frequency=626000kHz Strength=-17 Quality=-76%
Frequency=650000kHz Strength=9 Quality=28%
Frequency=674000kHz Strength=-14 Quality=76%
Frequency=698000kHz Strength=10 Quality=100%
Frequency=706000kHz Strength=15 Quality=99%
Frequency=722000kHz Strength=-14 Quality=100%

Tuner 2
Frequency=626000kHz Strength=-17 Quality=-22%
Frequency=650000kHz Strength=13 Quality=38%
Frequency=674000kHz Strength=-14 Quality=95%
Frequency=698000kHz Strength=13 Quality=100%
Frequency=706000kHz Strength=18 Quality=99%
Frequency=722000kHz Strength=-9 Quality=100%

From the transmitter you're receiving from, the ITV channels are on 626MHz, and if you look at the signal statistics, the quality figures are very poor (you need >+80% - your highest is 20%) and the card keeps cycling between lock and no lock.

I would normally suggest looking into a possibility of interference, except that in your case the strength reading is also very low. I think that your problem is simply that you aerial is not giving the card a good enough signal. Perhaps a booster/distribution amplifier in the loft (or masthead amp) would help. A booster close to the PC would probably not help - you need to boost as early as possible if it's going to be of any help. It's just that if you have a borderline aerial and poor quality cables going from it, you can overcome the losses in the cables somewhat with a booster.


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Cheers !

Its probably just the aerial, it was put up by the previous owner and its probably a cheap and nasty one.

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