Hauppauge Nova-T in a HTPC - any better yet?

Richard Harnwell

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I know the Nova-T had some bad press around here in the past, but I was wondering if any recent driver updates have improved matters.

What are the impressions of people who still have these cards?

Do they fit well with the integrated HCPC concept?

It would be great to get rid of one more box!


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There have not been any new drivers for several months now.

But, when in works it gives THE BEST TV picture especially if you want to blow it over large screen. I think it is still good value for less then £100.


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If you haven't got a good signal, they are a real pain, and a few folks have had a lot of problems, but hey its running windoze, so you gotta live with that sometimes.

I would say though that while the picture is generally great (way better than any other route for TV on a big screen I've yet found), the lack of de-interlacing makes fast moving stuff pretty naff - rolling credits are often very hard to read for example.


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Not yet, but there is suposed to be a version of dscaler coming as part of the version 4 development which can be plugged in-line, and is not dependant on specific hardware. It should be possible to use this if I understand things right, without much hassle.

Haven't checked on this for a month or so though.

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