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Hats off to T-Mobile

Jay Z

Established Member
Hey guys,

I just wanted to share some re-assuring news, T-Mobile do look after their current customers who have been with them for many years and have been loyal.

The story goes like this:

I went to Las Vegas over the bank holiday long weekend, and was staggered as to how much data I actually ended up using.

I rang them on Tuesday, when I got back from Philadelphia, just to get them to look into it, as I got a data bill of £560.00, after they said that I used around 72 megs, and this was on one single day.

The CS lady said that the billings department will look into this and get back to me this week, their fraud department actually flagged this up as they thought my line was being used fraudulently as they know my bills never get this high, they suspended my line on that day in the evening, something I didn't realise as I couldn't see a H sign on my phone, so I rang them on the Wednesday, to see what happened and that's when I learnt that their fraud department suspended my line and were investigating why my bill was so high.

So in order to reinstate my line, she said I would have to pay at least £86, so I thought okay I'll pay that, as I need my line. The lady said that the rest will come out of my DD which is used for paying my monthly bill.

So this morning, I got a call from a bloke in the billings team to discuss what had occurred over the period when I was roaming, and when he explained about the fact that they have to pay the networks out there in order for me to use their networks to roam onto, it made sense.

So the result of this discussion was:

Bloke: "I think it's best to take a common sense approach to this, and we recognise that you've been with us for many years"

Me " Yes, I have been with you guys from back when you used to be one2one"

Bloke "Yes we recognise that, and because you have been so good to us, and looking at your history, we have had no problems and you've always paid for your services, so what I will do on this one off instance is try and knock off as much of the data charges as possible"

Me "That's brilliant sir"

Bloke " So on this one off basis I will reduce your data bill by £430.00, to give you a remaining balance of £160.00, and as a goodwill gesture, I will also waive your data charges for the following month of £30.00"

Me " Wow, that's fantastic, thank you so much for all your help."

Bloke "No problem, but next time you go on holiday, do make sure you let us know before, and ensure your data roaming is switched off, so that you don't get such high charges."

"No problems sir, I shall ensure that I switch off the mobile data and let you know when I next to abroad. Thank you so much for all your support and help."

So there you have it guys, T-Mobile really do value their customers, and will help you as much as they can, because they will never want to lose their good customers.

I thought I'd share this experience with you guys, and to add another positive result, I rang T-Mobile a while back to try and downgrade my contract, the CS lady said that it won't be beneficial to me, so she discussed my contract with her manager and she said she'll knock off £10.00 as a loyalty discount, and give me unlimited texts for free (as that costs £5), when I asked her cheekily about giving me the unl texts for free
, so now I'm paying £22.00 pm and get 1700 mins, unl texts and unl internet, and that's with the 50% reduction I currently have on my account.

So what I've learnt is that if you're nice and polite to the person on the other line, you will always get positive results.

Before this call, I was prepared to part with T-Mobile, but ever since this call this morning, I am prepared to stick with T-Mobile for life, because whenever I've needed assistance and help, they have always sorted me out big time.

So I am a happy T-Mobile customer, let's see what phone's they'll offer me when my contract is up in August, which I can renew a month before.




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Nice to hear about good experiences as you tend to only hear the bad stories in the forums :smashin:

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