I have a i5 3570K system at the moment and even though i have no reason to really i am thinking of upgrading it to the i7 3770K, but i was just wondering if it is worth moving over to haswell instead or is the upgrade just not worth it, i know it would mean a new motherboard but is there anything else i would need to change if it was worth the upgrade?.


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Is the I7 needed as I'm thinking that would be fairly pricey too now there isn't as many around. Especially as the new Intel chip is due to drop soon and this will change prices across the board.

As for haswell there is a nominal difference in power between it and ivy, Intel claims 20% but in real world stats it's more like 7%. Coming from something older then yes haswell would be worth the jump, coming from ivy the overhaul needed is not as much worth it.


Not really but i could sell my i5 chip i have or part ex it with a i7 chip which would be easier on my wallet, so i was thinking of doing that, not that it is needed no as the i5 is more than powerful enough but i was just gonna do the jump from i5 to i7 before my i5 got too worthless to sell it or part ex it for a i7.

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