Has your original Kindle screen failed? Lines on the screen.

Has your original Kindle screen failed? Lines on the screen.

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Stuart Wright

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We've had four original Kindles in the family. First two for the kids and second two for us adults.
Of the original two, the daughter's screen failed first. Despite being in a leather case, we think maybe putting something down on it. Lines on the screen.
Amazon were great, replacing it quickly.
The replacement failed last week, probably for the same reason.
Now the second of the original Kindles has also failed. Same symptoms. This time, it was under a low bed and we think our son lying on the bed must have touched the screen. Unlikely you would think, but it was at Pontins, Brean, and the beds are terrible.
Now I know these are inexpensive units, but the screens do seem unreasonably fragile.
Anyone else had problems?


Did break one screen when I sat on it and Amazon replaced whole unit for £40. We have two here for 20 months and both are not showing any of the symptoms you have had. SWMBO's is in use for at least two hours a day.


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First one failed with lines on the screen. Replaced by Amazon no problem and the second one seems to be ok for now....


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Mine developed a couple of lines towards the bottom of the screen. Still useable though, so l don't consider it as 'failed'. Bit annoying and it has never been dropped etc.


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I've got a Kindle 2 and the screen is fine. I think the "Next page" buttons are on their way out though. The left one has a little play in it and the right one makes a hell of a clunk when pressed.

anika hanson

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Nope. Ive had a kindle keyboard for over 2 years and it's still going strong.


I've had Kindles develop scratches for basically no reason.

I was in a swimming pool reading a Shantaram in the sunlight, and I could see scratches develop before my eyes. It was very strange.

Happened on a second kindle too. Amazon replaced both, and now I have a PaperWhite. Fingers crossed, this will be fine.


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Mine is still going strong had it for 2 years now. I know 2 people who've broken their screens by dropping them one in a case the other wasn't. I pinched the battery from one could come in handy in future.

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