Has the Technica STBHDIS2010 lost some features?


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I have had my STBHDIS2010 for a few months now (purchaced in-store) and it has been great. So being so happy with it I got one (refurbished) from Tesco on eBay. It looks just the same but it seems to have lost two features - or perhaps it is faulty?

1. Only outputs composite - switching to RGB in the menu makes no difference.
2. The SCART auto switching loopthrough from the VCR is cancelled - you have to select AV2 manually on the TV.

Has the analogue section been downgraded without the menu being updated to reflect the change? I am using a fully wired lead and even tried a replacement.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Chris Muriel

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Have you tried a (known good) fully wired substitute SCART lead ?
Have you tried temporarily bypassing the VCR (direct connect to TV) to see if this brings up RGB ?
Try more than 1 of the TV's SCART sockets (if you have multiple SCART ports on the TV) ensuring that the port(s) do actually support RGB, of course.
In other words the usual detective work to confirm whether or not the fault lies in the TV, STB, VCR or 1 of the leads or connections.
Might help to know make and model of TV and VCR too.


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Cheers Chris. Their old Pioneer box (using the same leads, TV and VCR) outputted RGB and allowed (when off) the TV to auto-select the VCR when a tape was inseted and played. My own Technica box acts exactly the same way and when you select RGB or CVCS you see the picture change on the TV. I tried a replacement known good fully wired SCART but the situation is the same.

The TV is a Philips 25PT4458/05 and the VCR is Panasonic NV-FJ710. The wiring is VCR>Digibox>TV.

I am really at a loss and I have never seen anything like it before. I was wondering if the boxes have been downgraded.


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Simple one but obvious. have you used the SCART socket on the STB marked "TV"? That is the only one to output RGB and send the switching signal.

On the other hand, the good news is that the long awaited iPlayer upgrade has been released for final beta test to some users and should be sent OTA just after New Year.
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Chris Muriel

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Good point from lbear ; I mentioned ensuring you used an RGB supporting socket on the TV but the same obviously applies to both ends of the connection; on most STBs that have 2 (or more) SCART sockets the one designated/marked "VCR" does not support RGB.

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