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Has the recent update changed the game play - Fifa 13 perhaps?


Prominent Member
Just downloaded the recent small update to Fifa 12 and I think the update contained alot of tweaking

I play the ultimate team and I've noticed these changes:

  • When playing standard attacking mode, my defenders are higher up the pitch now, which makes attacking mode a bit hard to use, as the opponents strikers can get by them
  • There seems loads of different subtle animations I'm seeing now that I haven't seen in the past
  • I can hear the crowd oohhing and ahhing more
  • My overhead passes are getting cut out more now if an opponent is in front
  • Only slightly I've noticed passes not going to the person I meant, but only slightly for this one

I think the biggest one is the animation changes I am seeing

I wonder if this is a taste of Fifa 13?

I have to start adjusting now, and its sort of a new game again, as my game is not flowing as it used to, so I will get on top of that again (part of the fun of playing fifa )

Still fantastic football experience, and even better now with these small changes


Distinguished Member
that amount of change would have been a big update I think, not a small one.


Prominent Member
This sounds like my intermittent lag problem mate. On head to head I dominate all day long, get to division 3? Then either during same session or next day my "flow" is gone, lobbed passes always fail, defenders get caught too far forward, forwards don't make correct runs, passes fail or are short.
I end up getting beat by people who really shouldn't beat me, next thing you know I'm in div7!

Check if your second man press move works. When the above happens to me, I cannot get a second defender to join me in pressing a player. It is mad. The game changes completely....been happening to me since day one.


Prominent Member
Its not my lag i have been testing things out over the last week and my connection is good

Its the animations that are getting in the way of smooth football

I've been playing every day since fifa 12 came out, and the latest update has tweaked the game

One example is when my opponents goalie would kick the ball, my defender would always head it towards my midfield, but now he always heads it backwards

I always used to tear apart 4-4-2 formations when playing 4-1-2-1-2 but not now

I see my players constantly tripping up or tumbling over now, and no one seems steady on their feet now, as a little animation is played before the player is steady with the ball

Its definitely not the game ive been playing all year now and dare i say i find the extra animations tiresome and irritating now, especially when my players keep tumbling over, or spend minute seconds steadying themselves when receiving the ball

Possession play is not working as it used to, and there seems so many subtle differences that dont work as they used to

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