Has my PS3 died?


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On Thursday evening my slim PS3 crashed whilst loading a Career save on FIFA. Since then it has crashed on every occasion of loading a game on FIFA or MLB The Show, saved game or otherwise.

The menus are fine, I can watch movies from the HDD (no Blu-Rays to test) but whichever game I load, it freezes at the actual game loading (from the in-game menu).

I have done a factory reset, database reset and all else. The system still allows me to install game data and transfer from HDD to USB.

What has gone wrong and what can I do? Any help is greatly appreciated as I have spent over 100 minutes on hold to PS Customer Services today and had no answer.

Many thanks.


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Quick update on this.

I have air blower cleaned the drive and I can now access the Exhibition mode on FIFA however the same problem persists with MLB. Also with FIFA the sound skips during the game however video appears stable.

Does this assist anyone gauging what might be the problem?


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With it not functioning properly, I am going to get it repaired or at least checked up professionally.

Can anyone recommend me to a suitable place who won't charge me if all it needs is an internal clean?

DJ Dave

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Can't recommend a free clean place, but I can recommend a place in Essex that repairs them at a reasonable cost and the unit gets a proper clean thrown in.

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