Has my JVC HR7722 VCR been permanently damaged?


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Hi all,

A member of my family thought that it would be a good idea to stop recording a programme on timer mode by pressing the Operate (On/OFF) button!

Now I have tried to insert another tape and it it will not load the tape.

I tried and tried again and eventually the loading mechanism accepted the tape.

Has my VCR been damaged due to the improper use of stopping recording?

Many thanks,



I'm no expert, but I wouldn't have thought so. My Sony has a "dicky fit" every so often 'cos the wiffy does that too. I unplug it from the mains and plug it back in and it's always been ok (6 times now!)


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Definitely not. If it has gone faulty, it's just a co-incidence. It may be worth unplugging the VCR from the mains for a few minutes to reset the microprocessor. This cures a surprising number of faults on modern VCRs.


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Thanks all,

I will try this.

This might also explain why sometimes when I turn on the Video and then the TV I get no picture just these speckled white lines going through the picture!!!

No pattern when this happens it just does it now and again.


There is no problem at all.

I switch off my JVC HR-S9700 , when I am there and do not want the timer rec. to record all this boring adds...and I have neved had any problems!...

Be carefull when you insert the cassette into the desk.
You have to go with the flow......If you press too much, too quick, then it may stuck...
Then you have to unplug it, wait,.....

I found this on my JVC, although it is a top quality desk, with DVD like picture on all modes.

Hope this helps,

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