Has damages been cancelled?


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Has it been cancelled? What season and what was the number of last aired episode? Are there episodes available on the web?


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Hi Danny,

Nope, not cancelled, just taking a long time to get shown in the UK. :( BBC1 aired Season 3 last, and BBC2 has recently repeated Seasons 1 and 2, late-night.

There are 13 episodes in each Season, except for Season 4 which was reduced to just 10 episodes. A full and detailed episode guide can be found here. :)

There is no news on whether or not BBC1 will buy the rights to Seasons 4 and 5, which have been confirmed in the US. (Season 4 finished airing last month in the USA.)


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Yep finished with series 3 on the BBC unfortunately. Just got the last two series on DVD so will finally be able to see them.


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Did it not start to go kacky after S2 though ?

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