Has anyone used HDFury devices for 3D?


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I've already got a Sony HMZ-T3W (Japan import with the supposedly region-exclusive OLED displays, different to the ones the used for RoW units). It's great and everything, but a pain in the bum to keep setting up if I want to watch a 3D Blu Ray (and occasional over/under Laserdisc in my collection), plus it's a solo experience and I'd like to put on a few Disney 3D titles, for example, for family viewing.

I've had my eye on the HDFury X4 for a while and am thinking of getting one along with the RF Transmitter and a few pairs of glasses. I'm just wondering if anyone has used these before (or it's predecessor the 3D Fury) for watching 3D Blu Ray titles on a non-3D television?

How was the experience? Does it work correctly? Is it any use? I'm keen to hear from others how you got on before dropping a pile of money on something that turns out to be a load of old cobblers. I've a heap of 3D titles in my collection so it would be used often, like my HMZ-T3W but that's not the same due to the solo experience.

I've also got previous experience with HDFury devices, most recently the Vertex 2 (I don't own one any more but when I did have one it did exactly what it said on the tin). I also currently own and use a Dr HDMI which has happily resolved some EDID issues I was having between my Laserdisc player and DVDO VP50 Pro and DVDO Edge devices and subsequent audio problems (fwiw the problem was the EDID sink from my television had a problem with the DVDO devices' EDID's, thus the DVDO devices were putting out sound correctly, my telly just filled it's pants at the EDID and didn't know what to do with it! :laugh:

Anyway, pardon the ramble there, just if anyone can give me some input on the 3D experience on a non-3D television via the X4 and/or the 3D Fury etc that would be invaluable, thank you! :)
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Not tried yet, though I did check in with HDFury support who stated the system doesn't work on LCD panels (that includes LED). They suggested a CRT or plasma panel, so good luck finding one of those was my thought. I did have a plasma about 12 years ago but don't fancy going back there when I took delivery of an OLED this week!

HDFury didn't make any mention of OLED support so I'm not prepared to pay for something that might not work, and if it does it turns out to be a pile of old pants, as nobody seems to have reviewed it.

Hopefully someone will spot this thread one day and provide some answers, but until then I'll stick with my Sony HMZ-T3W.

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