Has anyone used a QED QCV Scart to Component convertor?


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Brogan said:
Like this one: http://www.discounttv.co.uk/product/QED_Scart_to_Component_convertor.html ?

I'm trying to decide whether to get a convertor for the Sky+box to the projector and utilise the component cables that are already there or to go with a 15m S-Video cable (which will be chucked once I upgrade to Sky HD).

Has anyone used one of these QED convertors?

HI mate I have one off these got it before i got Sky HD ,

Picture Quality is super mate well worth it .but if your getting Sky HD then not mate .......

As i only used mine for a day and now its sitting there doing nothing ...

As i was not sure if i was going to get Sky HD.........

But color and Pq is super clear and vibrant .....:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Brogan said:
Which is what I want it for.

Are you interested in selling?

Hi mate its I think about it but this is where i got mine from

Ebay 280015561352 cost me £77.95

To be honest its only been used for a day its still in brand new boxed condtion

And i would not want to loose to much on it

So if i where to selling it it would be about £65 picked up LMK thanks



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Brogan said:
Thanks but I can get one brand new for £67 delivered.

Cool no probs ,

but have you checked that it is instock at that place ............!!!!!!

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