Has anyone tried or is using a RME sound card with MCE?


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I am thinking of upgrading my sound card to a RME HDSP9632.

I am concerned that it may not work well with MCEs directsound driver requirement.

Has anyone tried MCE with one of these sound cards?



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I've just ordered one for my mce project. All supposed to work fine.
SPDIF and Analogue out at the same time, with the ability to have the SPDIF set to passthrough (non audio) for an A/V Amp.

Also the windows drivers are supposed to bypass the the windows mixer (kmixer) so that there's no need to use an ASIO based player for analogue audio using the high quality DACs. (see the thread above with the link to Head-Fi)

My build is waiting on a case which should be with me any day now. So if you are not in any rush wait a month and I'll let you know how I get on.

FYI - I ordered the 9632 card from Dolphin Music who priced matched a supplier that I found through dealtime.co.uk so got the card for £278 inc delivery!


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Thanks for the info'.
I will be very intrested to hear how you get on.
I have a number of questions but will wait until you have your system up and running.
It is bypassing kmixer and potentialy getting bit perfect music @ 44.1k from MCE that I am after.

Thanks again
The Crow


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You got an update yet spring tide, i want to use the card to pass analouge stereo output but still have a digital output for dts etc.

Does it do this fine through MCE and how does it sound (compared to whatever else you have heard) i hope it will be equal to a £300/400 cd player but that might be me being too optermistic


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Tried mce on my htpc yesterday. My RME works fine for evrything else but I can't get sound from the tv app using a Nova-T so far, still playing though.

Is there anywhere to set the sound device for the tv app?


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I've got the analogue output of the RME card working for both default system sound as well as the output for Media Player.

After some research - to get the best sound for music, I've decided to use the SPDIF out of the built-in soundcard as the default sound device (into my A/V Amp) and the analogue output of the RME as the output device for Media Player.

The reason for doing this is to keep system sounds seperated from the Media Player output - this is what RME recommend in the manual (so there's no system mixing)

Hopefully before the new year I'll move my HTPC into the lounge (been waiting for the dual tuner DVB-T card, which should be shipped v. soon)

In the limited tests that I've performed, the analogue output of the RME has impressed, compared to the DACs in my Marantz 7300. It has to be said, it's a very different sound which initially didn't appear to be as detailed (it is as detailed, but not bright and harsh!)

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