Has anyone solved the scrolling bars problem?


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I've seen various threads on the topic re Sony TVs but haven't seen anyone publish a solution.
Having just had my 36FS70 returned to me, after a 6 month repair, I now see I have scrolling black bars on he AV inputs.

Before the TV died I reckon the picture was the best I'd ever seen on a TV. Now I have it back, the convergence is slighty off (was miles off before the engineer tweaked it), the colours look slightly washed out but worst of all I see scrolling black bars on all AV inputs.
I'm assuming that some of the, many, new parts in my TV have added this bonus feature, I find some DVDs unwatchable, I'm beginning to despair of Sony.

Has anyone actually cured the problem themselves?


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please see my other re: my TV :( same sort of problems by the sound of it,my THIRD TV will be delivered this Saturday,how come yours was away fro 6 months?? If this was isn't right I'm ditching Sony that's for sure.........


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My tale of woe is detailed on another thread but basically it was just over 2 1/2 years old, out of warranty when it failed with flasing error codes, sent it to local repair shop.
They couldn't fix it, even with Sony's help, was then shipped to Sony HQ at Heathrow (soon to close), where it failed another 3 times, was delivered back once, when it failed after only 10 mins. I finally got it back last week, the local repair company didn't want anything more to do with it, final bill was £500.

As I said before it failed the picture was faultless, certainly no scrolling black bars, no I've got them, I'm just very disappointed.

I've just seen a lovely 61" plasma in the Bluewater Sony Centre, for a mere £18K, if I had the money (which I don't..) it would take a great leap of faith in order for me to buy it.


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out if interest if you want to enter the service menu check these out:

B-Drive 32(31)
Sub-Bright 18(32)
G-Cutoff 25(23)
B-cutoff 27(16)
sub cont 0 (8)

The first values are what mine was set to,the values in brackets were a friends TV,when i changed mine to his settings the picture was much better(but still not as good as the original) The TV been delivered on Saturday will be the third(and last)if this one isn't right then i'll go Panasonic.......seems Sony is hit and miss on quality now :(


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Thanks, I tried those settings, made a slight improvement, however I got the picture back to normal by replacing some of the TV aerial connections.

I put the aerial feed directly into the TV the picture was fine, I then went through a process of replacing the interconnects from the Tivo to the video to the DTT box to the TV with home made coaxial cables, they were previously bog standard plastic looking ones that come with set top boxes etc.

By replacing these cables I measured the signal strength at 54% on the DTT box, it was previuosly 40%, made all the difference to the picture.

As for the black bars, I pulled out all of the scart connectors and s-video and just had the DVD playing into the RGB scart it seemed to be fine.
However after a few mins the black bars were not only back but far worse and there was a buzzing on te TV sound.
I found the culprit to be the Tivo scart, maybe it was acting as an aerial, it took some fine tweaking, when reconnecting it to get rid of the black bars, maybe I'll try fully screened scarts when i get round to it.
As I said earlier I never had any problems before the set went for repair, maybe the new components have made the AV inputs more sensitive and susceptible to noise.

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