Has anyone solved the old chestnut with the addition of a simple speaker?

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I have a Philips 60' 4K TV into Sony 50 + 50 watt hi-fi stereo amp, into 200 watt JPW passive sub woofer into 2 X 50 watt Eltax speakers. When a helicopter flys in it sounds like it's landed in my lounge and all my ornaments fall of the shelves, but I still have to turn it up to hear the what they're saying. I can either buy a new amp with a centre channel or equaliser, or I'm thinking of simply adding a very plain passive (no power supply) dialogue mid-high range speaker. All my speakers are behind the TV so I'm not even sure I need two but can do. My question is simple. Has anyone solved the old chestnut with the addition of a simple speaker?


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If your Sony amp will allow, you might be better looking at an active subwoofer so you can add a level of control on the bass.

There are gadgets on the market which you might be able to use to set the crossover, but without knowing more information about your passive subwoofer, its I'm not sure which one will be right as your woofer might have a crossover system included in it which them outputs to a pair of speakers thus allowing this to just work

So I'd say, list the model numbers of your electronics plus a photo of how you've wired them so everyone can assist you in stopping your woofer from shaking your room apart plus I'm guessing the neighbours to :)


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Your Sony amp, if it is a 2 channel amp, isn't designed to run so many speakers.

The issue at the moment is you have no way of controlling the speakers independently.

A dedicated centre channel should help or adding a powered sub if your amp has pre or sub out.

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