Has anyone seen this problem before?


Hi folks

I went to see a second hand Sanyo PLV-Z5 today with a view to purchasing it. The bulb has less than 100 hours use but is over 2 years old (was used for a local film club for which interest fizzled out).

However when demoing the projector earlier tonight, the image had a sort of rainbow effect on the bottom. This was present regardless of lens shift and zoom. I took a photo on my phone of the problem which shows a yellow and orange band at the bottom of the image.


The banding was present across all inputs and different sources (laptop, dvd, sky).

Has anyone come across this before?


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Seen something similar on an LCD AE3000. The prisms were shifted slightly so the edge of the picture had a stripe of colour. I slackened off the screws securing the prisms and put up a 100IRE test pattern and gently moved the prisms with the covers off. The hardest part is tightening the screws without moving the prisms...not for the faint hearted however. :)


Cheers KelvinS1965,

I was sort of hoping it would be a mechanical rather than a bulb issue. The projector is still under a 3 year RTB warranty so if the problem is indeed mechanical, it should be repairable.


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