Has anyone seen Samsung next to another plasma to compare?


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I went to currys for optical lead and seen samsung plasma on display playing Monsters Inc. I was so suprised by the quality of the picture for a Samsung. It was great by my view,and especially for the price. This being the first time I have took a proper look at any plasma. The ££ signs where going through my head. If I did I would wait till xmas is over!

It was by itself with no other close by to properly compare. The panasonic(not sure which one) was other side of store and had a terrestial tv picture on which was poor quality. So, I could not compare.
The samsung looked brilliant, is the difference to a panny £1000 worth it.( for picture quality)
One last point the Samsung is 820x 640 ish where as the panny 1024x? will this make picture more crisp, clearer?.

What has been the reviews been like by any mag or web site, or how do any of you enthusiasts regard this make and model.



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What's the price for the Samsung in the UK?

I went to an exhibition two weeks back and one dealer had tens of plasmas side by side, all sizes and brands - but can't remember to have seen any Samsung there. Of all the Plasmas I did like the Panasonic 37" and 42" (and Toshiba clones) most.


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I was about to ask a similar question. I went into Currys to have a look at a Toshiba 36" CRT but saw the 42" Samsung plasma for £2999 including stand and tuner and was reasonably impressed by the quality.

Now I wouldn't usually buy anything from Currys because they are normally so expensive, but I couldn't find anything on the 'net anywhere near as cheap as this deal.

What are the general opinions of this screen?


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I was fiddling about with some plasmas yesterday and as it goes I ended up with a Panasonic PWD5 (its SVGA by the way, the PHD5 model is the XGA one) next to a Samsung PS42P2ST. This one is slightly different to the Curry's one in that it's the commercial version so doesn't have a tuner but does have an RGB scart, SVHS and composite on the back.

I was testing some Progressive Scan converters so needed to see both screens with and without the converters in line, and on all input types. Without the progressive devices the Panasonic (as you would expect) knocked the Samsung out of the testing room and down the street!!! However, once a converter was added the Samsung screen really was pushed to it's limits and signs of artefacts on the screen etc were drastically minimsed. A much bigger improvement over adding the same converters to the panny (panny is still the King by far though ;)).

To be honest I think the Curry's deal is definitely worth a closer look as the affordable plasma solution. The screen seems to have what it takes to please but the on board video conversion seems to let it down slightly, I would be very interested to hear if the tuner does a better job.

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