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Jul 2, 2002
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just been browsing virgin megastore and thay have a 2 for £10 offer on a selection of dvd's. Anyway, being a bit of a crap horror film fan i came across zombie nosh, zombie flesh eaters 2 & 3 and the mutilator amongst others. I have not seen these so opinions please. Not worried about sound or picture quality as that is what makes a good crap horror film. cheers
R1 releases are cheap under £8 each and have better picture and sound + extras etc.

How you could even think about buying a vipco dvd :nono: talk about vhs quality :eek: but if you must waste your money then...

Zombie nosh (another stupid vipco renameing) is actually called
Flesh Eater IMDB details - I quite enjoy this lots of gore and nudity - The R1 is the best release and cheap at £8 with some good extras.

Zombie Flesh eaters 2 is actually called Zombi 3 IMDB details
A poor movie partly directed by Lucio fulci. The R1 is better (but not by much) as it includes a new opening bit and extras.

Zombie Flesh eaters 3 is actually called Afterdeath IMDB details
A fun actiony zombie flick low budget though. again the R1 is better.

The Multilator IMDB details Its pretty crap slasher movie the R2 is also cut

cheers mate - perhaps i'll track down the r1 version of zombie nosh and will forget zombie 2 and 3.
Yep Junk is a good fun rip off of fulci style zombie flicks - again go for the R1 dvd released by unearthed films - the R2 release by Artsmagic is awful quality i've seen better vcds then that dvd.
Another Japanese zombie flick to think about is Wild Zero which has rock 'n' roll band fighting zombies and aliens - very mad but alot of fun - R1 dvd is very good.

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