Has anyone seen any of these..


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just been browsing virgin megastore and thay have a 2 for £10 offer on a selection of dvd's. Anyway, being a bit of a crap horror film fan i came across zombie nosh, zombie flesh eaters 2 & 3 and the mutilator amongst others. I have not seen these so opinions please. Not worried about sound or picture quality as that is what makes a good crap horror film. cheers


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R1 releases are cheap under £8 each and have better picture and sound + extras etc.

How you could even think about buying a vipco dvd :nono: talk about vhs quality :eek: but if you must waste your money then...

Zombie nosh (another stupid vipco renameing) is actually called
Flesh Eater IMDB details - I quite enjoy this lots of gore and nudity - The R1 is the best release and cheap at £8 with some good extras.

Zombie Flesh eaters 2 is actually called Zombi 3 IMDB details
A poor movie partly directed by Lucio fulci. The R1 is better (but not by much) as it includes a new opening bit and extras.

Zombie Flesh eaters 3 is actually called Afterdeath IMDB details
A fun actiony zombie flick low budget though. again the R1 is better.

The Multilator IMDB details Its pretty crap slasher movie the R2 is also cut


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cheers mate - perhaps i'll track down the r1 version of zombie nosh and will forget zombie 2 and 3.

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