Has anyone listened to the new ESOUND CD-E5 SIGNATURE EDITION CD PLAYER




Now had quotes for both the European and the Special Edition of this player. As the Pound is so strong at the moment and they want to be paid in US$ I can afford either player. HAs anyone had the chance to make any comparisons?

Plus is there anyone in the SouthEast of England with either of these players that would not mind letting me have a listen? Big ask I know I just don't like buying blind.



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Hi mate, I replied on your other thread asking about the Esound. To all intents the European model and the Signature are the same, 'cept the signature is black and supposedly has some uprated components.

I live in the South East (Tunbridge Wells), and yes you can have a listen to mine of you want. Drop me a PM if TW is close enough for you.

P.S. I have the signature edition.

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