Has anyone had trouble getting their Panasonic repaired

Baron Von Doom

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My TH42PH10 has gone wrong. The shop i bought it from gave me the number for the local repair centre.
We have two local ones, the first wanted to know why i had a pro model in my home, after i explained what model it was as he had never seen one. He then spoke like i was crazy to have it and said he had never heard of any one having one before. He also said it came with a pedestal stand and only a one year warranty. They quoted a couple of weeks until they could look at it.
I dropped it off to the other repair centre this morning. They new what it was straight away. They also insisted it only has a one year warranty. I went home and printed a page from the Panasonic website that shows three years.
They are now saying the shop i purchased it from must send them proof of the warranty and without it they cant do it under warranty.
The shop i purchased it from are going to ring me back on monday. Has anyone else had any problems getting their Panasonic screen repaired under warranty?


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Professional models have a three year warranty. I would call panasonic if you're having problems with the repair centre.


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I think i will give them a ring on Monday

My recent experience with Panasonic Customer Services has been great.

They can be a little slow in responding to requests but they get there in the end.

Panasonic should be able to issue an authorisation number to the repairers to have the work carried out at no cost to you - so long as it actually is in warranty.

Baron Von Doom

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Had it from March 08.
Started off with this

Now have this


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Not a common problem on that model. The set needs a new plasma panel which will be covered by Panasonic's guarantee. In all honesty, Panasonic service centres don't get many professional displays in for repair so I can understand the confusion. One quick call to Panasonic will clarify the situation. Obviously the retailer should deal with any messing about in getting this fixed.

Baron Von Doom

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Thanks for the replies. The retailer should be calling me tomorrow morning.
I showed the repair people a printout from Panasonics website that proved it has a three year warranty. He says the retailer should have something with it on he will need. I think i will get the retailer to call the repair people and speak to them themselves.

Baron Von Doom

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The retailer had to call Panasonic today after speaking to the service center as they still didnt believe they have a three year warranty.
Panasonic are emailing them proof of the warranty.

Baron Von Doom

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Got it back today.
Said he is still not convinced about the warranty but they have paid for the parts and will find out in a couple of weeks if Panasonic pay out. If not i will be hearing from them.
So far ive shown them a print out from the Panasonic website regarding the warranty, AV sales have called them and panasonic have emailed them.

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