Has Anyone Compared The Sony 40V4000 And 40W4000?


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Acording to sony these are the differences between the
Sony 40V4000 and Sony 40W4000:

1. The 40V4000 doesn't have a 10 bit panel it has an 8 bit panel
which limits the number of shades displayed in colour

2. The 40V4000 has no USB 2.0 input and therefore it does
not support photos stored on external supports
(USB keys, hard drives, Etc)

3. The 40V4000 doesn't have the XrossMediaBar (XMB)
this menu originally conceived for the PS3 was adopted by sony's
high end TV's, the V4000's are more classic although they do use
XMB icons without transparancy and scrolling effects.

4. The 40V4000 also doesn't have sony's famous live colour creation
which has a whiter, brighter bulb behind the screen which allows you
to see images as nature intended.

From what i see the only things between these two models that might effect PQ is the 40W4000
has a 10 bit panel and has live colour creation.

Personally ive seen a HD demo of the 40W4000 in action and thought PQ was stunning however
i have never seen the 40V4000 in action for myself so i was
just hoping anyone has seen these two sony's running in HD, if so can you
see the differences in PQ with HD material like the X360, PS3 and blu-ray and is the 40W4000
worth the extra £150/£200?

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I recently returned my 32V4000 to Tesco due to the awful motion-blur I had when using XBox360. The W series is (apparently) far,far superior.
I recently returned my 32V4000 to Tesco due to the awful motion-blur I had when using XBox360. The W series is (apparently) far,far superior.

In the 32'' sizes yes, but the 40V has BE2 & 1080p so the differences between the V & W series at 40'' are much smaller than at 32''. You are right though, the 32W is far far superior to the 32V.

To OP, i've briefly seen them side by side and there didn't seem that much in it (with Blu-Ray anyway), but this is by no means an in depth analysis ;)

I got a 40w4000, but only because it came with a free 80gig PS3 + 2 Games. This made it cheaper overall than the 40V as i was in the market for a PS3 at the same time as buying the TV. If this deal wasn't available i would have bought the 40V4000.


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I set up my brother-in-law's 40V4000 and 2 weeks later bought the 40W4000 as I was very impressed by his V (and fancied a bit of willy-waving 'mines better than yours' :) ).

I bought the W assuming it would be better (I am rather particular about picture quality).

I've spent a lot of time watching both his set and mine (he only lives a few doors away) and I'm hard pressed to spot any major differences in picture quality. We both have sky HD and Blu-ray. For my eyes, yes, the W probably edges it but it is very, very close in my opinion.

The sound quality seems better on the W.

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