Has anyone bought one of these screens ?


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splnter said:
As im thinking of getting another projector,
Going for the sony HS60.

Here is the screen im thinking of.


I sit 12 foot from where the screen will be,

Thanks. Ian

I would be wary of the fact that it is such high gain, not only will this affect the black levels but it will also make the viewing cone very narrow , IMO the latest batch of lcd/dlp pjs are bright enough and dont need to use a screen with +gain.


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The second one is much more like it. The 2.8 gain would laser the back of your eyballs.

Why would you buy one of these when Beamax 92" pulldowns can be had for under £200. I'd save the money on the motor and invest in a better screen material quality. It'd be 16:9 too, rather than the 4:3 of the screen on eBay.

I might recommend dropping down to sub 90" at your viewing distance. I suppose it depends on how visible the picture structure on a HS60 is.



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Hi, again,

Right ok i have e mailed the chap who is selling this and the The viewing area of the screen is 2.45m (8ft) x 1.8m (6ft).

A friend of mine has the same size screen , and he has a smaller room then me, also he has taken the price down for the screen now too. :)


And i want an electric one to stop the missis moaning .. :)

So what i want to know is will this screen be ok ??

This is the room its going in , and its going to have to be 14" from the wall as my stand is in the way.. But hay !!! i can live with that :)


And Thanks.


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I am looking at exactly the same screen. I want an electric one as well and this fits just right in my new viewing room.

Anyone got any comments on the quality of this screen ? Or recommend another motor one of a similar size.

Also although this screen is not 16:9 you can drop it to the correct height for 16:9 viewing using the manual motor controls apparently......


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If you plan to view 16:9 then get a 16:9 screen you will not be happy with a 4:3 . First the picture will be right under the ceiling a lot higher than your plasma and will give horrid reflections of the case and ceiling. Also you will get boored with the old a little bit down, now a little bit higher. You have already spent a good amount on your AV kit why not spend a little more and get the right sized screen. It will save you in the long run when you have to replace the 4:3 latter. A good screen should out last your projector.

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