Has anyone bought a Sonos from ebay ?


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It seems that the price is fixed everywhere for the Sonos ZP100 Bundle at £949, except for ebay, where it's about £100 cheaper.
So has anyone bought one from ebay, and if so is it all warrenteed, etc and is there a recommended seller ?
Thanks :)


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Got my ZP100 bundle from the states on ebay, worked out at £640 inc del but think I may have been a bit lucky with import duties etc :thumbsup:


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Sounds interesting - especially at $2 to the £ now !
So if you get hit by import duty, how much do you have to pay?
'cause if it's just the VAT then your bundle would have been c.£750. Still miles cheaper......


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Just as an example; when I got my PSP imported, the game and the unit came to about £200, and an extra £30 for shipping.

Import duties, VAT, admin charges etc stung me for £60. :thumbsdow

They charge import duties and VAT for the whole lot (incl shipping). If it gets caught, I think you're looking at about £100 - £150 less than UK RRP. (but don't quote me on that)

The problem is the way duty works; it depends how they categorise your items as to what duty it attracts.

If it doesn't get stopped, well, you're laughing :D Like you say, with the £ to $ rate, it's well worth looking into.

Have a read here:


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