Has anyone actually got to the Philips 9308 service menu?.. Please help 9308 issues!


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Right only got this set recently and actually have been pretty pleased :eek:. Pixel Plus+ works well in most cercumstances and if it causes issues I revert to simple 100Hz processing and that seems to do the trick in most case.

My problem is not related to the PixelPus+ technology but rather the Natural Motion feature which comes on automatically. For some reaosn it makes some of my movies look a little speeded up.. very unnerving as you can imagine. I was hoping that the service menu would give me the option to disable Natural Motion while keeping PixelPlus+ on.

Please help me.. I need to decide whether I want to keep this Tv in the next few days (7 day return) so I wanna play round with it to see if it's suitable.

Another problem while I'm here (although I might start another thread for this) is the Tv sometimes does not enter standby mode. I press the remote button and the light truns to amber, the screen turns off. Now amber is a transitional state and the light should actually go to red to indicate standby mode; this doesn't happen at times and instead it stays at amber. After this the TV will not come out of standby via the remote for love nor money. Turning the TV via the button on the front and back on again turns it back on.

Anyway please help!!:)

EDIT: Okay played round with the settings some more.. (mainly chaging the external connection identity to DVD) and it seems to have made a difference. The odd effect I get with DNM is only present in some movies, otherwise it does improve the smoothness nicely. The movies that are causing problems work fine at 100Hz. This set is growing on me...;)


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32pw9308 servicemenu: 062596 i
you can't deactivate natural motion on the 32pw9308. Movie pluss is Pixel pluss without natural motion.

You don't have the movie plus choice on the 9308.

Return the set if it's not pleasing you. 32pw9309 has movieplus!!

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