Has anybody tried using the B&W 600 s3 as main fronts as an experiment


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I am toying with the idea of getting 5 of these for a surround system.
I haven’t got the space for anything larger and they read as good quality speakers.


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Interesting. I was going to start a thread on exactly the same subject today! :D

I have the 601 s3's and a REL Q100E which I use mostly for music (having sold an LCR600 and run out of money before falling for the 603's, lol). While they sound absolutely stunning, seriously exceeding my expectations despite a great demo and 5/5 reviews all over the place, next year I could be back in a dorm and might switch to a pair of 600's and a modest amp (NAD c320 or something similar).

I have never heard them, but would presume they are similar in character to the 601's (rear-ported though, right?). Being very neutral speakers as it is, I'm sure that upon first impression they will seem somewhat lacking in low-end (only a 12-13cm mid/bass driver, I think) but for the size probably can't be beaten. In fact I think it's nice that B&W didn't try to force the low-end on such a small unit. Of course, well-integrated with a decent sub in a small room they'll shine. You might find them slightly "monitor-like" though, not that that's a bad thing in many people's eyes.

It's probably best you go and have a listen. Bear in mind that they really, really improve when fully run in. Some people reckon 100 hours at least for the 600's and while that might be a slight exagerration it can't be far off. Nice little speakers, although you might want to consider 4 plus an LCR60 for centre duties.



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I have read a lot of god things about the B&W range
and they seem like a quality speaker manufacturer.
The drivers might be small, but when you have a small space,
small is better. I currently am using 2 large floorstanding castle
speakers, BUT they are too large for the room so I really need
something smaller. I also have my cinema room adjoining with my neigbour, so I am looking for quality rather than something that is loud and has loads of punch.
And the B&Ws look good (in sorento), so 5 of these little babies could do the trick.
The natural thing for me to do would be to go sub-sat. But they lack midrange, and also dispite what people say bass is directional and you can tell that all the base is comming from one place in the room. So I have almost conviced myself to go with normal identical speakers for all 5. (I saw the LCR60 today and it is far too big for my room.)
BTW I used a NAD320i for years and it was quite a nice relaxing budget amp.
So has anybody actually tried listening to music with the 600S3.
Somebody must have!


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I've sold a few sets of 600's with the Linn Classik K one-box stereo. It was usually because the customers deemed the 601's too big for their environment.

They are perfectly capable speakers and should work very well with a decent sub, like the little Velodyne Eric's got on offer. If the system is setup correctly you'll get a good full range sound.

Idon't think they are magnetically shielded so an LCR60 amy be required for the centre duties.

Run in times are around 50hrs to tame the metal dome tweeter and loosen up the kevlar mid bass, though they will continue improving for a few months before they hit thier peak.


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At last somebody who has tried them.
Do they actually need a sub? I mean if they are full range speakers then they should sound OK without? Or are they
really weak in the bass department?


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The 600's really need a good sub. Their -3dB point is around the 70Hz point so you will get no real deep bass from them.

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