Harsh Times, recommended


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Went to see this yesterday. Was a great film, very gritty and the way Christian Bale transforms his accent and physique to perfectly match a role is always quite amazing:thumbsup:


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I'm big fan of Bale - apparently he's a bit psycho in this (much like the great American Psycho movie). Plus, this has also got Eva Longaria in it - can't go wrong, ;)


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went to see this last night (ahhhh orange weds) really good film , bale is great as always, he is a chameleon , this guy can take on such varied roles and totally look at home in them, his Spanish in this movie is quiet impressive...... his character completely loses the plot in this movie !!!! great fun and also very funny in places ..... bale great as he is never over shadows Freddy Rodriguez who is also very good in this film, i've only ever seen him in six feet under........really enjoyed this movie and would highly recommend it!!!!
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