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Harsh Realm


Prominent Member
Can anyone recomend this show ?

I am loving Millennium and i am getting the X-Files season 1-9 when its released (after watching 1 disc of season 1!)

I have seen an advert for Harsh Realm on my Millennium Season 1 Disc 6, it looked great but i notice it was canned after 3 episodes :rolleyes:

Anyone want to shed some light on weather its worth my hard earned cash :thumbsup:

Gary D

Distinguished Member
Huge X files fan!!! Huge Millennium fan!!Harsh Realm - rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!

i watched the first 4 and sold it. if you get it cheap enough then give it a punt. but i thought it was disappointing at £15.

just my 5p's worth. :D



Distinguished Member
Loved Millennium too :smashin:
- though the final and third Season was ultimately a let down imho

Harsh Realm
- I have the boxset and am probably in a minority when I say that I thought it wasn't bad. It was cancelled after a few episodes aired with only nine episodes produced in total, so there is no sense of closure whatsoever to the story.
- Although there is continuity and an arc, the nine episodes are fine as standalones. It is ultimately about the goodies (can't remember their names) versus the baddies (General Santiago, played by the brilliant Terry O'Quinn of Millennium/Lost fame, and his army) in the virtual world known as Harsh Realm, so this fight is obviously left hanging in the air and makes it a less satisfying watch than it could be.
- Also loved the theme tune, and Lance Henriksen makes a pleasing cameo in the pilot. If it had survived a full series, I doubt it would be trashed as much as it is.


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I am enjoying it, never heard of it on tv, and brought the dvds long ago, and still not seen all of show yet. It should be a cheap price now. Its good so far.


Distinguished Member
No complaints for the price but you can see why it was yet another failed FOX genre show:)
It had potential and Terry O'Quinn was as good as ever but the main lead character was a little dull and well if you root for the baddies then the show has kinda lost it's way:)


Prominent Member
Terry O'Quinn is fast becoming one of my fave Actors :)

I had seen him in Alias and when i saw him on Lost i though umm i know who this guy is but could not put my finger on it, and then i saw him in 1 episode of Roswell, oh and then i saw him in Millennium and now it has cemented in my mind that he is a quality actor :)

I am looking at his movie list on imdb and i am considering getting a few of his movies :)

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