Harmony with Sagem?


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Hey all, i got a Harmony 525 as a christmas prezzie today and cant for the life of me get it working right with my Sagem HD D45F, i have learned it commands etc ok, but i cant get it select the right inputs for activities such as 'play wii'
what should i do?


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Took me a while to get my 655 going with my TV.

Keep trying and you should get there!

Possibly some delays between the commands? The help is generally quite good.

Cant help more as I have not got a Sagem.


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To make the harmony work properly the tv must support "discrete" codes, i.e. it must have a code for each input.

As I understand it the sagem does not have this, you only get a button for next input.

You might be able to make it work if you have some way of getting to a known point, say pressing 1 on the remote then next input 3 times to get to the right input.

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