Harmony remote control frequency clash V+ box and HTPC


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I have been a long-time lurker on the avforums for various things. Have picked up much good advice and tips, so thanks to you all. Decided i had better finally join however.

I am not sure which forum was best to post my question but this seems the most sensible place to start.

I have a harmony remote control that i am trying to use with my newly built HTPC and the rest of my set-up, which includes a V+ box. Seems to be working reasonably well, except the problem i have is that certain button presses on the remote when using the V+ box (direction right or left i believe) turns the HTPC on or off (Pwrtoggle) at the same time.
All i can surmise is that there is a frequency clash with the signals being sent.

I am actually quite surprised that i cant seem to find anyone else suffering from this problem through searches on the internet.
So my questions are:
Has anyone else experienced this?
Any ideas to a way to resolve this? (Through changing frequency of IR signal on my HTPC or any other method).

I'm using an Antec Fusion black case for my HTPC (with built in IR reciever).

Many thanks


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895 would make it easy as yu can allocate IR outputs on the blaster.......never mind try learning the command sagain in RAW and see if you can edit the PC IR (or if you dont need power control disable them)


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Thanks for your help hornydragon.

I havent actually "taught" the remote any commands. They were all picked up from the central logitech database for an Antec case. I don't actually have a MCE remote to teach the harmony remote anything.

Even if i did have a MCE remote to teach the harmony remote (which i would get hold of one if it was the only option), i'm struggling to understand how changing the raw code on the harmony remote will solve my problem.
How will the IR reciever for the case know that i have changed the command?
Wouldn't i lose the power toggle functionality?
As i understand the IR reciever on the case will still see the problem command when pressing the button for the V+ box and therefore turn the HTPC on.

The only thing i think i could disable is the problem commands from the V+ section of the remote. However, i wish to keep all the functionality i currently have for the v+ box.


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well something has to give sometimes there is no option but to spend money or loose functionality an 895 would solve the issue. Some PC systems can be allocated the commands in software as the IR control is software base not hardware

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