Question Harmony remote activating AC functions


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Hi All,
I have a situation where almost every time that I adjust the volume of my av receiver, via the Harmony Ultimate One remote, the AC is also engaged.
Fortunately, The AC is not powering up, but it's definitely engaged in some way because I hear a beep from the IR sensor of the AC.

It's a relatively old multi-room AC split system so I have no display and I can't see what was engaged. I only have a generic remote for it, which does the job.
The AC is not integrated with the harmony hub/remote, so there's no way for a conflict between the two.

Does anyone know if there's a way to make the receiver's volume stop engaging/activating the ir sensor of the AC?

Thanks :)


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Does the AV Receiver have a choice of IR modes say A,B or C to allow control of more than one receiver in the same room.
If it does you would have to set original remote to match and then learn commands to the Harmony


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No, not that I'm aware of.
I don't see any "IR modes in the menu of my Denon AVR.

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