Harmony or Kameleon ?


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Help Me Decide Please Guys

I have the following set up in the room and wondered if I should go for the Harmony or Second Generation Kameleon 6 in 1 :-

Panasonic DVD Recorder

I think the Kameleon is around the £60 mark and Harmony around the £100. Just wondered if there are great benefits to paying an extra £40. Cheers.


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It is no surprise as to my response. Harmony all the way.

The beauty of the Harmony is that when set up properly, it is extremely simple to use with your home cinema set up. In operation it essentially considers all the units in your HC system to be one unit, and is activity based e.g. 'watch tv', 'watch dvd' etc. The facility is still there to operate individual devices directly.

The Harmony is ultimately a lot more sophisticated, powerful and flexible, but don't be expecting to pull it out of the box and find it working with your system within minutes as some have done. The ultimate simplicity of operation hides the complexity of the task and it must be set up properly, patience is the key.

The Kamelion uses a different philosophy. It essentially welds all your remotes into one physical unit but still deals with them as separate units, so with few exceptions you select the device then the function although macros are possible. While you can remap buttons, you can't relabel them as you can with the soft buttons on the Harmony.

The H655 is £99 from Dixons. Both the H655 and H688 are available direct from Logitech for £99 & £119 respectively.

Check out the new H880 with colour display. It looks like a humdinger. :thumbsup:

Harmony H880


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The Kameleon 6, as the name suggests, will only operate six devices. This, of course, would be sufficient for the five devices you have listed, however it would only leave one spare device available. This could be a problem at a later date if you wanted to operate more than one extra device, e.g. AV receiver & scart switching box. A Kameleon 10 will be available from April this year for about £90 (here) and will include RF transmission and receiver units for multi-room use & a battery charger & rechargeable battery. At this price though, you are approaching that of a Harmony 655, which would be an excellent choice if you're willing to put the work in to set it up - damn, I'm beginning to sound like one the Harmony zealots around here! :D

Benefits of a Kameleon 6:
  • Price - £55 (here)
  • Customer service (Dutch, much better than British)
  • Ease of set-up
  • Extensive library of codes
  • Discrete codes readily available


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Thanks Guys, I did of course forget I had an AV system so 6 pieces in all. if I went for the Kameleon I would have no extra slots.

What is the battery life like for the Harmony ? I'm probably going to go with that after what I've read. !

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