Harmony One Software Issues??


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Mar 14, 2006
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Anyone else having issues with the Harmony one software and/or myharmony website. I can't update at all and customer services have admitted issues.

Does anyone have a work around, or any news?

Plus anyone know how to add a Panasonic DMP-BDT220, or maybe this is related to their issues?

i've been trying for 2 days now,
Cant get anything to work, not just you Im afraid.

Logitech, you DIVS!! Sort it out. If your going to have a remote that only programs via the web, at least make sure that your servers work!

*rant over, for now*
It's been normal here.
It's been extremely slow for the last couple of days but was working well as of 0300 GMT. It seems to do that every time I add a new device or do some tweaking. Sorry about that. :)
They seem to have some capacity issues going on. Early morning through afternoon they seem okay then it seems like the US wake up and they turn to sludge. It's very bad and they really need to address it. Took me 6 hours to get a harmony 900 out of the box to control my TV. Then the next morning at work it took me 6 minutes to configure all my activities. Uploading them to the remote in the evening was the challenge :)
Yeah it is really frustrating. Over on the logitech forums people are wondering why it can't be a stand alone piece of software local to the PC/Mac machine, and lookup info from the web - seems logical, although I'm not a programmer!

Well it looks like I'll have to have a try when our friends accross the pond are asleep!

:thumbsdow Logitech.

A good remote getting spoilt.
It is logical.
Their software is very poor - it seems to be working inside a version Chrome(!) and automatically backs up all actions to your profile instead of letting you choose when to do this. I suspect it is using Chrome as nothing more than a frotn end and everything else is on their servers which would explain the loading problems.
Also it keeps trying to set to automatic update - I decide this!
It's using seamonkey or at least it is on the Mac and yes thats why it's terrible because it's just a tarted up web browser thats doing everything on some overloaded servers.

A client app pulling down updates would be a much better model for this. Much like Anti-virus software runs locally and pulls down updates. It could even push your config back and it would require less server infrastructure to host.

Failing that they could push the whole lot out onto a CDN delivery network and let them take the strain.
on the logitech forums people are wondering why it can't be a stand alone piece of software
Not just "are" - they have been ever since the forum started - and always will be!

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