Harmony not controlling vol in some activities


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I've created some custom activities, one is for vinyl playback. Obviously it can't control my turntable, but I created a device for it anyway (under tape deck...). Switching to the activity all works fine, but afterwards the volume control doesn't control the amp. Works fine on other activities, just not this one. Any ideas?


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For a custom activity you need to do all the button assignments yourself.
Go to "Customize buttons" for the activity in question, then assign the correct commands to the volume buttons.


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I brought a Harmony 525 yesterday & I hadn't noticed the volume thing yet :thumbsup:
What a wonderful remote this is :clap:
So much better than the rubbish All For One model I had before .:thumbsdow
Did anyone else have trouble getting the software (after instal ) to update its self properly ?
It used all of my 1gb of memory & seemed to be downloading slower than the slowist dial up in the world :eek:
Strange as when I stopped it & went to the Logitech site & downloaded the latest software from there it downloaded in a couple of minutes :confused:


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Sorted it now. I had created a 'utility generic activity'. When I recreated it based on a 'music playback' activity, it asked me what I want to use to control the volume and that sorted it. So if I had manually assigned all the buttons on the original utility activity, that would have also sorted it?

So why isn't there any mention of a turntable device? I found my turntable in the database, but its down as a tape deck... Sure it doesn't make much difference, but its a bit annoying. :thumbsdow


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as turntable has no IR commands it wont appear as a device as it cant be controlled. The same actiuvity could be used for any device with no IR control connected to your AMP

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