Harmony Hub - Input Switching - Stumped


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I am a seasoned Harmony user, but have found myself stumped on this one:

My new AV Matrix (No Hassle AV 8x16) also does IR Switching, therefore it only passes IR signals to the device it is “switched to”. The sequence to switch to an input is a two button sequence: selecting the OUTPUT (ex: Master Bedroom TV), then the INPUT (ex DirecTV Receiver).

The issue: The only way to power on an input device (ex DirectTV Receiver) when starting an activity is for the matrix to switch to that input BEFORE powering on the device. I have tried a number of workarounds (ex Selecting the OUTPUT as part of the POWER ON sequence of the Matrix) but can’t get the matrix to switch inputs before sending the Power On signal to the subsequent devices in the activity list. Inevitably, I have to hit help AFTER running the activity to turn on the input device.
Any guidance would be great!
Thanks I’m advance!

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